lack Sheep Ensemble is a modern brass and percussion band from Atlanta, GA

Our performances are rooted in Second Line traditions but with a repertoire that blends Prohibition-era Swing, Jazz, Balkan, Latin, Ska, Punk and more into one danceable sound. We bring a crowd to its feet and keep them there. Low brass belts out the bass line while drums drive the rhythm for the dance floor.

Because the band is untethered from electricity and amplification, the Sheep are free to roam, which can add the element of surprise, and make us an ideal choice for outdoor stages, roving gigs, and other spectacles. Black Sheep has been the headlining band at festivals, the house band for belly dancers, and the stage band for burlesque performers and circus acts. Black Sheep is also committed to helping create a sense of community in public spaces, and supports many of Atlanta’s lantern parades, which help foster creative play throughout the city. BSE plays festivals, bars, weddings, funerals, and fundraisers from Atlanta to Seattle, Savannah to Detroit, and many points in between. We can be the show or back your show. We turn any event into a brassy celebration.