Greetings Sheep!

The long awaited, mostly functional, virtual band lair has finally been stocked with goodies.  As more of it comes online, I’d like to start filtering all band communication through this site.

From here we are able to RSVP for gigs, download music, listen to band recordings, communicate with the flock — everything we need.

To get this far you should have all received your username and password.  You can now setup your profile:  change your password, add a picture (avatar), switch your email address… whatever makes you happy.  I only ask that you leave your name and instrument listing (coming soon) as is, for the sake of being able to keep up with who everyone is and make it easier for new members and guest musicians to get to know the band.

Now that you’re logged in, take a look at the member’s only menu on the left.  The options have changed to only the links you need to keep up with all things band related.
RSVP-ing for gigs is simple — but there’s no “maybe” option.  YES would mean “I intend to play;” NO would mean that you’re pretty sure you can’t.  There’s room for you to write some clarifications to your response if you need to, but I’m just using this info to determine if most of us are available before I commit to a gig.  You are able to change your RSVP should your circumstances change.

“Heresy!” is the new forum for back and fourth communication. We’ve been having plugin difficulty, but soon, you’ll be able to set your email options similar to those found in yahoo groups for determining how you receive that communication — and we’ll also have the ability to respond via email.

You’ll also notice along the right hand boarder a calendar of this month’s confirmed gigs, a list of potential gigs awaiting RSVP’s, and a list of the most recently updated music files.  All of these things can be found in more detail by going through the menus on the left.

Since the website had been floundering for years, I chose to spend band funds on hiring Steve Allen to rework my designs and augment the theme to make the visitor end function properly.

A big thanks to Buttermilk (aka, John) for taking on the learning curve of WordPress.  He tirelessly tested plugins for functionality, configured them to fit our needs, and put up with an endless string of emails complaining about different aspects, from me.  Along the way, he pushed the envelope a little too hard and got a paper cut… and crashed the entire site.  Once out of wordpress jail, he cleaned up his act and continued improving the site, without resorting to any more code breaking and entering.

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